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Living on a street that was affected by the September 2018 tornadoes, we have seen a lot of tradespersons come and go in the neighborhood over the past year and a half. Michel’s folks from Magnum Exteriors did an excellent job replacing the siding on our house, as well as the fascia and eavestroughs. We are completely satisfied with the results and truly appreciated the little extras such as offering to mount new light fixtures as opposed to just re-mounting the old ones and covering the trim around the windows. We also really appreciated the fact that they kept the site relatively clean & as quiet as possible, i.e., no blaring music, no coarse language, no cigarette butts, etc. In short, very professional!

Elaine & Tim

Just letting you know how satisfied I am with the siding job you did on my house. It was a very professional and meticulously done in spite of winter conditions. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for siding to be done. Thanks again!


I hired Michel to fix the damages that occurred to my house after a hurricane. He did a fantastic job on my siding; he worked quickly but efficiently, and really went above and beyond what was agreed upon. He was punctual, professional, and always in a good mood. I highly recommend him as one of the best contractors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Maria Kraszewska

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